Well where do you start when you are a Goddess Divine?

My name is Shannon and I am 36, married and currently a stay at home wife (mommy to 3, 9 year old Labradors and a very round cat also known as Bob), aspiring author and part time volunteer.

Why am I doing this? When I was younger I was possessed with great talents…and yes, possessed is the correct word, my creativity was more an outlet than it was something that I did just because “I liked it”. I can’t with 100% certainty say I was born with ADD/ADHD but as I am sure my parents will tell you, as soon as I was able to walk and talk it was all over and they had their hands full. I have been living with ADD my whole life and one of the gifts that comes with ADD/ADHD is great creative talents. And yes, that previous word was correct also…”gifts”. I don’t consider my ADD a disease or something that cripples me. It has made me a more unique (go figure…crazy usually does make someone stand out and you might call that unique *laughing*), understanding and blessed person all around. ADD is tough to live with, again ask my parents or husband as they have had to live with the trials and tribulations of Shannon for years. But, I digress from the “why am I doing this”, and I will write about my ADD and how I have lived and dealt with it throughout my life later but that is a topic for another day. Back to the “why”. When I was younger I was blessed with creative genius (at least I thought I was awesome…may parents, maybe not as much…but they still love and support me regardless) that flew out of my head and onto paper either in the form of drawing, writing or some sort of artistic masterpiece or mess depending whom you ask. I loved to write when I was younger and have written my whole life. But as I have learned, when we get older we become so distracted and caught up in this crazy world that we sometimes, without realizing, leave “gifts” behind as we grow away from the younger person we were into the older person we become. As I have grown I have used writing more as therapy verses just writing to write. So this brings me back to the why…I like to talk and have lots of thoughts that travel around in my head and like to share, regardless if someone is interested or not (trust me, I have talked a few ear’s off of people who wish I would just shut it).  Here, in this place I can write, share and learn.

So, if you are looking for something to laugh at….you will probably find it here as I laugh at myself as often as I laugh at anything else. I am my own best material on a good day. If you are looking for something to relate to, you can probably find that here also as I share what I have lived and learned and I am relatively uncensored and unguarded (beware). I am not embarrassed, ashamed, or shy with the life I have lived and the lessons have learned and I would not take any of them back as they make me the awesomeness that I am today. I believe that we can learn from the lessons and lives all around us and when we share we relate and sometimes we can take someone else’s experience and learn from it. I look forward to your thoughts, critiques, sharing and laughing with me. Welcome to all and remember we are all divine!


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