Stop criticizing yourself and start believing in yourself

In this ever moving world it is hard to stand on your own two feet and believe in yourself and all that you are. We are constantly bombarded with what society believes is “ideal” whether that is a comparison of size, appearance, beliefs, and so on. I don’t ever remember giving someone else the job of dictating to me what I should be and nor should you. There is no perfect, there is no flawless. We are surrounded by a world of flawed beauty and imperfections. We are surrounded by a world where each and every one of us is unique. Would we want to live in a world where we are all the same? Where we all thought, dressed and appeared the same. Where there is nothing to distinguish us from one another? There would be no independent thoughts, ideas, beings….we would all be one in the same. Now, in this utopia if we were all the same it might lead to less fighting or strife as there would be nothing to disagree on. But there would be no brilliance or stupidity, no skinny or fat, no black skin or white skin. We would all be the same. Now that I have painted my picture, what fun would it be if we were all thoughtless grey beings who wandered around like mindless lambs?


In the current world, there are no two of us that are the same. We come in different colors, sizes, have different thoughts and beliefs. We become stronger together when we open ourselves to others thoughts and ways of living and being. We become more diverse the more that we open ourselves to others and open our minds to understanding something that is not understood in our current life.


There is nothing wrong with being different and standing out from the crowd. There is everything that is awesome and empowering when we believe in ourselves and shed the censure and constraints that society dictates as ‘normal’. It is a peaceful feeling when you can look yourself in the mirror every day and say ‘I am OK with the person staring back at me’. I do not have to be perfect, the most beautiful, the skinniest, the smartest, the anything. I determine what is acceptable in my life. I determine if I am beautiful by looking at myself and finding all the wonderful things within me and on the outside that make me beautiful. I define that I am physically ‘good’ by making good decisions in my life that insure that I live a healthy and happy life. I establish if and when I am smart enough and know that if that day ever occurred I would be stupid in that belief as you can never truly be ‘smart enough’, there is always something to learn.


I have learned in my limited life that each day is about moving forward, learning, growing and working towards happiness and a center, a peace. There are good days and bad days and you must keep moving forward regardless of the day. It is harder to move forward when you are bogged down by your own condemnation. There is enough ugly that surrounds each and every one of us in this world that we do not need to add to this with our own self-defeating thoughts or judgments. It is not easy to find the beauty in yourself and everything around you. Mine sprung from, so much awkwardness as a child and bullying from other children that I had to finally make a choice. Agree with the bullies and a society that dictated to a child that they were ugly, had mental health problems/differences (ADD/ADHD) and did not fit the status quo of what others dictated a child should be…or, I could put on my big girl panties and stop listening to what others said and thought of me and start to build my own value system and self-worth from within. Value the special things that I could do that others could not. Value the different way in which I could see things and which helped me understand things that others could not. Instead of viewing these differences as a negative I decided to view them as unique and special and started to smile instead of cry myself to sleep.


So my thoughts for this BLOG entry are stop listening to, reading and following what others dictate is what we should be. Start looking at yourself and seeing all the special things that make you unique and smile because each and every one of these is a gift. Share your gifts, smile with pride at how special you are. You would be amazed how your own self confidence can spread and encourage others to stop attacking themselves and stand up, raise their heads high with confidence.


To a New Year and brighter days. Life is what you make of it, and if you only walk on sunny days you will never reach your destination. Smile and be thankful for how special you are.

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