Maybe it’s time we stand up for ourselves and take back our world and lives

I am rocked to my core how any human being can go into a school and shoot 20 innocent children…but in this same revolting thought I am taken back to living in El Paso, TX and reminded that this occurs daily in some places. What has gone SO utterly wrong that there are no more boundaries or lines left that human beings will not cross for the sake of our own souls and humanity?

While living in El Paso Texas, which is a border town with Juarez Mexico and one of the many violent faces that Mexico wears in its continued fight with the drug cartels that are stripping the life blood and humanity from a rich (culturally) country. It is not uncommon to read stories in the local newspaper of the drug cartels ransoming schools for teachers bonuses and then if not receiving them killing said teachers and anyone who got in the way, or stories of a groom being torn from a church on his wedding day and killed with half his wedding party due to cartel violence or maybe cartel members or a coward using their name to wreak his own vengeance and shooting up a house full of children and adults doing nothing more than celebrating a birthday. How have we so lost out way and now hold nothing sacred. With all our advancement in technology, science and the ‘furthering of the human race’ we have lost our way. There was once a time when God Fearing people banded together and would stand together for what they believe in and protect what is theirs; their families, homes, towns and communities. There was once a time when life expectancy was not 80-100 years and we valued and fought just to live, to survive. We valued every day because we had to work our asses off to just survive.

Again, while living in El Paso I was struck and will never forget a story that was in the news. It was of a small farming town in Mexico called Ascensión. This small town said no more to the bulling of their town. No more taking of their hard earned money, no more kidnapping, NO MORE. I will paraphrase what happened in this small town. They had been inundated by kidnapping for the sole purpose of ransom money. This small town had been banding together to raise ransom money for previous kidnapping. They all pitched in so that they could get their loved ones back…but finally they said no more. When it came time for another kidnapping the town said ‘no more’.

“The town had been the scene of a rash of kidnappings in the past few months. In the past, Ascensión residents had banded together to raise ransom money. On Tuesday, they banded together to get revenge.” – El Paso Times, 9/23/10

In September 2010, 8 men abducted/kidnapped a woman from the town and while fleeing the town, people from the town called the Mexican Police and Army and in addition to alerting the ‘local’ authorities, who, if you know how Mexico has been working for a while, you have a very slim chance that these ‘authorities’ are actually the good guys and it is more probably they are on cartel payroll. (side bar, The Mexican Government has been trying to eradicate the ‘bad’ fellow government members and put real, uninfluenced (via the drug cartel) people in positions of protection and government….this is a long and tough road and kudos to Mexico…I pray it works). So said ‘authorities’ go after 8 kidnapping gunmen……at the same time the town has now mounted their own posse and are also following the gunmen via horseback (love this) and vehicle. While being chased, one of the kidnappers crashed which also caused the second kidnapper vehicle to crash while trying to avoid the first vehicle. NOW, this is where it gets good….I will just inset another sniglet from the news article here as I could not write it any better and why try….it is awe inspiring in its original print……

“On their way to Buena Vista, the kidnappers were already being followed by at least 20 people on horseback and in vehicles.

One of the kidnappers’ vehicles, a Ford Explorer, rolled over on the highway. The second vehicle, a truck, turned over and fell into an irrigation channel to avoid crashing with the Explorer.

A gunfight then erupted between the Mexican army and the kidnappers. The army captured the three men traveling in the first car.

The passengers of the second vehicle tried to flee by hiding in the cotton fields. The passengers of the third vehicle are at large.

By then, dozens of residents had already joined the search for the kidnappers, forming a group of about 200 people.

Thirty minutes after the crash, about 9:30 a.m., people found two alleged kidnappers a mile from the crash scene. The people attacked them.

Ignacio Ramírez said he paused to observe what was going on.

“Everywhere I looked, I saw people whose family members had been kidnapped in the past,” he said. “The hate had been accumulating from months before.”

Finally, he said, the military and the federal police separated the alleged kidnappers from the mob.

But the crowd would not drop the matter so easily.

The crowd made federal police take the alleged kidnappers in a civilian truck supervised by residents.

Many more followed the truck carrying the two boys back to the military barracks.

At the barracks, one of the boys told the mob, “See you here in 15 days,” witnesses said.

The crowd, now grown to nearly 2,000 people, exploded again. Crowd members broke into the barracks with trucks, took the two boys outside and beat them, witnesses said.

Federal police agents tried to separate the disorderly crowd from the alleged kidnappers by putting the boys inside a police vehicle for several hours. The windows were closed.

People obstructed police from helping the two boys inside the vehicle and also blocked the area where a federal police helicopter was trying to land.

About 3 p.m., a man informed the crowds that the boys were dead.

It is unknown whether the boys died of the beating or were asphyxiated. The Chihuahua state attorney general’s office had not determined the cause of death Wednesday.” El Paso Times 9/23/10 Ascensión vigilantes take on kidnap gang

I am not, by any means condoning violence or taking the law into your own hands. I am however saying, that when we as a society have allowed evil to seep into all that we consider sacred, maybe it is time that we band together and stand up for our families, children, towns, communities, lives.

We have become such a soft, litigious, self-centered society that allows our children to dictate to adults who, what, when where and why. Maybe said children should be taken aside and reminded whom the adults are. Spanking isn’t abuse when it is used with restraint and as discipline. Maybe we should stop worrying about what someone else thinks and spank our child when they truly deserve it and remind them of the rules and boundaries that parents once established for their children. Maybe we as adults should grow a spine and stand up for ourselves and stop trying to take advantage and manipulate everything for our own self-serving reasons. You cannot (although I know some person did, which is why I use the example) sue McDonalds because you didn’t use the brain cells God gave you and burnt yourself while putting HOT coffee between your legs and it spills. Your fault, not McDonalds….use the cup holder dumb ass or wait until you get to where you’re going and make your own coffee if you have no cup holders. We are a society that fears our own shadows because someone is always trying to get ahead and take advantage over a nothing situation and because we as a society haven’t ‘grown a pair’ and say to said jerk…..”What part of hot coffee don’t you understand you don’t get a penny”. OK, if this was way back when and you walked thru the drive thru on your horse and spilt your hot coffee on said horse and lap…a) the horse probably would have said no more hot substance while on horse and bucked you off and b) if you said to saloon/coffee shop owner person that you were going to sue them because their coffee was to hot and burned you…said saloon/coffee shop owner probably would have shot you….end of story and self-righteousness…….enough said.

A person who I have great respect for (G. Monster you said this quote…own it *Laughing*)

“Maybe instead of gun control, everyone has a gun. If everyone had a gun, don’t you think said bad guys would think twice before carjacking you, breaking into your home, robbing a store…….”. (I added some Shannon to his comment but you get the point).

I have a healthy respect for guns as I was raised with a father who never had an assembled gun or bullets in the home with CHILDREN living in said home and used his gun for hunting and I guess if need be, he could have whipped out his unassembled rifle if an intruder came into the house. Maybe if everyone invested in protecting what was theirs people would think twice before trying to take advantage of someone else. Oh, and by the way….you don’t necessarily need ‘guns’ to protect yourself because our friends in Mexico aren’t allowed ‘guns’ (love the Mexican government and thank god for a Constitution that states we as Americans have the ‘right to bear arms’ and protect what is ours). The people of Mexico took their town back with tools, fists and their desire to take back what was theirs. Maybe it takes 20 babies sacrificing their lives, 20+ ruined families who will never see a Merry Christmas again and nation watching our latest tragedy for us to pull our heads out of our asses and decide to take back what was ours.

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