Be kind to one another, it isn’t that hard….crabby old lady

I have been the biggest slacker in the past few weeks and I apologize. I have not written an updated blog post in a few weeks and that is mostly because I have not had anything awesome to write about so why write less than awesomeness? So, I am updating my initial commitment of every Friday to ‘I will try and update the Blog weekly and if I miss a week here or there it is due to nothing awesome to share or I’m a slacker and didn’t write anything down’. How’s that?

OK, so this week I do have awesomeness or shall I say lack thereof to share. I had the craziest experience at Starbucks this week and just HAVE to share.

OK, so I LOVE Starbucks and when I was workings (a daily desk job) I was a frequent flyer at the local Starbucks and got to know the coffee peeps (I believe they are also called Barista’s?). I love my Starbucks coffee peeps (they are awesome in a green apron) as they are sunshine even on a craptastic day and I mean their craptastic day and mine *laughing*. I am amazed how a group of people can smile through the ‘I feel like crap, didn’t sleep, have a cold, was out late, etc.’ The coffee peeps at my Starbucks were my morning dose of sunshine before I ventured to crabby pants land also known as a mortgage job. I think the mortgage environment just breeds crabby pants but that is another blog all in its own. But here I digress…..Back to Starbucks earlier this week……

So, I go in and Matt (If my fading memory serves me right) is at the counter with his usual welcoming and friendly smile and greets me as so and I, in anticipation of delicious liquid fuel, before going to buy additional Christmas Decorations (another story) and who doesn’t need coffee to fuel for any sort of Christmas shopping….I digress again……In anticipation of awesomeness in a cup I totally brain fart my order and can’t remember what my coffee is called, Moron! During this time another customer has come in and there are now the two of us in line….just us two….not a busy, chaotic moment at Starbucks….no need for rush, rush, etc. So I look at the menu’s and don’t see my coffee and am distracted by the new peppermint/December coffees and ask Matt about the October ones and he politely answers “pumpkin spiced latte”…..YES, BINGO, score….Elated I bungle through the rest of my order and during my distracting add a yummy from the snacks counter. Now, this whole transaction has taken MAYBE a minute or TWO….NOT 15. Matt is keying my order and I go to hand him my Starbucks Gold Card….you know it…Gold…or I spend a whole paycheck at Starbucks and all I got was this card and no t-shirt *laughing* (I’m kidding all money spent at Starbucks WAS definitely enjoyed)…OK so I mention to Matt that I have a reward and he goes to check and it doesn’t show. I scratch my head and am like “Hmm”. I hand him my old card and wonder if it is possibly tracking my reward (a free something, coffee, yummy treat, etc.) on the old card. Matt is more than happy to check (awesome Starbucks coffee peeps that they are) and he swipes this card and says “Nope”….so instead of damming Starbucks to eternal hell I say “OK” and just have the whole order deducted from my Starbucks Card….I can research the reward later, no harm no foul. So during this whole time other patron is standing behind me and now says “If you pull out another card…..” (and as I don’t remember her exact words as I was utter dumb struck that she said this comment out loud…..I am going to paraphrase what her comment ended with) “I am going to kill you”….or “We are going to have a problem”. Back the crabby pants bus up….seriously, did you just say that out loud? OK, Both Matt and I at this point are flabbergasted! I mean Flabbergasted!!!! Who says that and even better, SHE WAS SERIOUS, no kidding around! And again this whole scenario took maybe two minutes, MAYBE two minutes….NOT 10 OR 15. So Matt wraps up my order and I go to the coffee pick up counter just letting this crabby pants comment go and after Matt completes her order he walks over and quietly says “If you take out another card….” And we both laugh. My return comment was “maybe some people need coffee more than others”.

OK, so long story, long. SERIOUSLY…OLD LADY, could it hurt to just keep your trap shut? I generally let others peoples crabby pant moods roll off and don’t give any credence to them. So, I relay this story to my husband and his comment is “I wouldn’t have let that slide. I would have turned around and confronted her”. So I evaluate his comment and realize that lady is REALLY lucky I wasn’t some smucky person and didn’t turn around and serve the volley back at her. There are enough wacko’s out there that you probably shouldn’t be a complete ass in public unless you want said ass handed to you. But, regardless….does it really hurt to just stand there and be patient? I hate to use the holiday season as a “reason” to do something as we should practice kindness EVERYDAY! But would it hurt just to be kind instead of right or an ass? Maybe the next time you are in line and you notice the person behind you has 2 items instead of your cart fully of stuff, let them go ahead of you because it is a nice and kind thing to do. One person in front of you in line will not crimp your busy schedule, seriously….just breath. You never know what your one act of kindness could usher in……maybe another act of kindness, that person in turn does something nice for someone else. WOW, now there is a concept. Maybe smile and hold the door open for someone, say hello to a stranger of you happen to make eye contact. You would be amazed what a simple smile and act of kindness can do to people around you. And if crabby pants happens to get behind you in line….smile at her and say something nice as I am sure that will just chap her crabby ass further….not to be antagonistic or anything (me, I would never be antagonistic) *evil laugh*. My mother always told me you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

So there is my mile long story. Be kind to one another. You could make someone’s craptastic day a little less craptastic by smiling and saying hello or holding a door for someone. Smile and be kind to one another.

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