Posted in November 2012

Live your life forward

I was speaking with my mother recently and she is currently dealing with the after effects of a lack of oxygen to hear brain from an accident and possibly a stroke on top of that. She is struggling coming to grips with the damage to her brain. Most importantly her memory, comprehension and reasoning skills. … Continue reading

Simple Lesson

The grass may appear greener on the other side but appearances can be deceiving. Actual fact, the grass is generally green where you water and take care of it. So simple lesson, don’t worry about what you believe other people’s grass may or may not be. Water you grass and appreciate what you have. Nurture … Continue reading

Love your jiggly bits

Who doesn’t want to be their ideal weight, size, shape, etc.? If you’re human I’m sure you have succumbed to this desire a time or two….or maybe more. We all have. Why is it that we struggle so hard to be something we are not? Why not be happy and healthy the way we are? … Continue reading