Hello World

Welcome to my blog world. I am new to blogging and this will be an experience for all of us. (If I don’t crash my own site and computer within the first month that will be a monumental accomplishment.)

Why start a blog? Well, I am an aspiring writer and it is suggested to use a blog as a means to gain a following…..BUT, beyond that…..I have a lot of thoughts, opinions and just random babble (as my husband would say) and I like writing all that nonsense down and I like to share with others my experiences, mistakes, lessons and silly moments in a hope that someone else can laugh or learn from my life and chaos. And even better, I like to talk (ask anyone who knows me well…I am a hard one to shut up *laughing*) and by talking that means I want to invite others to talk, share, whine, verbally vomit (on the days and topics that need a little verbal vomit), relate, comment….you name it. This is a place to listen and share.

So again welcome. Why is the blog named Domestic Goddess Divine? First, that is what I am at this moment, a Domestic Goddess and I am Divine *laughing* (at least in my head). Second, everyone should be a Goddess (or God) Divine. We are all awesome in our own rights and there is not enough inner ‘glow’ going on in this world. Third, beyond the thought that we should all value and love ourselves, I don’t think there is enough kindness in this chaotic world and I believe we should all practice more acts of kindness and less acts of selfishness.

So, big soapbox and Shannon now stepping down….this will be a place where you will hear my random thoughts and experiences and where I will probably laugh at myself as much as you may laugh with me. (Sideline, I have learned when you can laugh at yourself, A) it takes the sting out of those laughing at you, B) you don’t take life so serious and you are generally smiling more often, definitely in my case as I can be an ubber ass some days, and C) why cry over spilt milk? Seriously, no one is perfect so why stress over a mistake or mess or what-have-you…laugh about ‘it’ and you will get over ‘it’ much faster than if you stress over it). You will probably discover sooner than later that I will sidebar on thoughts and tangents but eventually I will get back to the initial thought that provoked the long and drawn out sentence. Again, I digress *laughing*.

Welcome to all the God and Goddesses out there and remember we are all divine, awesome, beautiful beings! Find your inner awesome and remember to smile and laugh today.

So, for structure….sometimes I may have a lot to talk about and sometimes not. I will try to have an update at least once a week and sometimes maybe more than once. As today is a Friday and Fridays rock and are the gateway to the weekend, let us make Friday the official new blog post day. So look forward to new posts every Friday.

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